About Lifetree

Lifetree was born from our passion to introduce state-of-the-art innovation in homeopathic software. Our aim is to assist practitioners worldwide and to thus help bring the benefits of homeopathy to more people. The Lifetree online service represents many years of research and development in this direction and is the cornerstone in our vision to provide easy to use automated expert system tools, that will help homeopaths of all backgrounds take their practice to the next level in their constant effort to heal their patients.

The Lifetree team comprises many highly dedicated and motivated software architects and engineers, mathematicians and researchers from all over the world, with a total experience between them of hundreds of man-years in developing highly advanced software systems, complex top-performance algorithms, mathematical models and cutting edge technologies. Lifetree incorporates the work and experience of, and collaborates with, highly acclaimed homeopaths worldwide.

The Lifetree service is constantly and rapidly evolving. We are committed to listening to and understanding the needs of homeopathic practitioners and incorporating this knowledge to provide ever improving innovative solutions for you to help treat your patients. We welcome and appreciate your feedback and suggestions about our services.

Our team is committed to supporting you throughout your use of Lifetree. For any questions or enquiries, or just to let us know what you think of our service, you can email us at: