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State of the art

Lifetree is the most accurate homeopathic diagnostic and repertorization expert system. Its high precision in scoring remedies and suggesting rubrics for differential diagnosis makes it an invaluable tool for homeopathic practitioners.

The Lifetree analysis engine and repertory are constantly updated to meet your demanding requirements. New features are constantly added to improve your experience and make your work easier.



Lifetree provides accurate results for scoring remedies and proposing rubrics for differential diagnosis in fractions of a second.

An intuitive “Google-like” search facility allows you to instantly identify the rubric you want in your language of choice, using cross-references and (soon) synonyms.


Complete Repertory

Lifetree encapsulates the Complete Repertory by Roger van Zandvoort, the most complete and clinically confirmed homeopathic repertory in the world. The Complete Repertory is continuously updated and extended and all updates are quickly incorporated into Lifetree.

Currently the Lifetree repertory includes these authors, but soon you will be able to make your own selection.


Easy to use

Lifetree is very easy and intuitive to use. Users with no technical background will be able to easily find the appropriate rubrics, perform their case analysis, prescribe remedies and manage their cases.

There is no need for training or reading manuals. A small set of short, easy to follow video tutorials cover all you need to know. You can learn and start using Lifetree effectively within a few minutes.


In your own language

You can view and search the repertory in any one of our currently supported languages.

The translations, made by professional homeopaths, are reliable, tested over several years and constantly extended. Additional languages will be made available in the near future.



Lifetree’s accuracy and performance are based on proprietary and innovative technology. Ground breaking mathematical algorithms emulate the methodology and expertise of the most effective homeopathic practitioners. In our roadmap you will find further innovative features and extensions our team is working on.



We understand how important your information is and protecting it is a primary priority for us. Our service is hosted on highly secure web servers and provides end-to-end security. No sensitive financial information of yours is stored. Your patients’ case data is protected; it is not shared with anybody and is not reviewed or processed manually.


Accessible Everywhere

Lifetree is available online and accessible through any web browsing device that connects to the internet. There is no need for any setup or installation. All you need is your username and password and an internet connection to use Lifetree from anywhere in the world.


Low cost

Lifetree usage is offered free of charge for a month with each new subscription, so you can get acquainted with our services. It is then available at a low cost under a simple and flexible “pay-as-you-go” scheme, giving you choice of plans, including the option of unlimited usage for the entire month, without any restrictions, credits, minimum fee or other hidden costs. You pay only a flat fee depending on the number of cases you want to work on during the month, without having to worry about any excess charges while using the service.


Why an online, cloud-based software service matters to you

Lifetree is a purely cloud-based system. This means that it runs on powerful, cutting-edge-technology computers that are connected through the Internet, and that you can access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or any mobile device. This gives you very important benefits, such as:

  • Connect from anywhere. Your home, office, while travelling. Not bound to any specific machine.
  • Runs on every device. Your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, anything with a browser.
  • Platform independent. Uses your web browser, so works on any platform, Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android, IoS, anything.
  • Cheaper. No high upfront fees like many off-line software packages charge and no cost at all for upgrades and maintenance.
  • Instant, simple and hassle-free. No need to download anything, no need for activation keys or licenses, just works right away by visiting our web page.
  • Latest technology and repertory, always up to date. Lifetree is upgraded constantly and automatically on our cloud-based servers by our expert engineering team. You never have to worry about software upgrades or maintenance and you always automatically have access to the latest and greatest version of your Lifetree service, without having to do anything. You instantly benefit from the latest repertory, new features and improvements as soon as they become available.
  • Pay as you use. Minimise your cost by only using Lifetree during the periods when you need it.
  • Powerful and fast. Runs on super powerful centralised servers with worldwide, always-on availability. Your computer doesn't have to be fast and expensive to run the software, our state-of-the-art servers will do the work for you.
  • Secure and safe. Your data is stored safely in the cloud, encrypted and secure. Unlike with off-line software, with Lifetree you don't need to worry about backups, hard drive failures or stolen laptops.
  • You are connected with the community. Online communities are the way of the future and our Lifetree community of homeopathy practitioners keeps growing. Be a part of it!


Complete Repertory by Roger Van Zandvoort

Lifetree has a close collaboration with Roger Van Zandvoort, author of the Complete Repertory, the most complete and clinically confirmed homeopathic repertory in the world.

Some important figures about the Complete Repertory:

  • More than 250,000 rubrics.
  • More than two million rubric-remedy additions.
  • The highest percentage of clinically confirmed material among all available repertories.
  • Based on more than a 100,000 materia medica sources.
  • Translated into ten languages. These translations have been tested and corrected over the years.
  • Almost 300,000 references between rubrics, more than in any other repertory, which we are using to greatly enhance the effectiveness of our search facility.

The Complete Repertory represents more than 30 years of meticulous effort by its author and feedback by tens of thousands of its users. It contains hundreds of thousands of well-researched and reliable rubric-remedy additions not found in other repertories, providing significant help in solving difficult cases.

The Complete Repertory is essentially a "living" repertory, it is constantly updated, with user feedback quickly taken into account and incorporated where appropriate. Lifetree will automatically incorporate new editions of the Complete Repertory as they come out.

The current version of Lifetree uses a selected subset of the entire Complete Repertory based on many of its most important sources, representing about 200 authors. In the near future you will have the ability to select and personalize which part of the Complete Repertory you want the Lifetree system to use to cover your specific needs and preferences.

Video Tutorials

Learn everything you need to know about using Lifetree with the following video tutorials

Lifetree offers a simple and intuitive experience. There is no need for training or manuals. The following short video tutorials will walk you through all you need to know to work with Lifetree. Our team is of course available to support you and answer any questions you may have.


Introduction to Lifetree

A brief introductory video presenting Lifetree (duration: 2 minutes).


Registration and Login

A quick guide to registering with Lifetree, logging in, and editing your profile information (duration: 2 minutes).


Complete Tutorial

A detailed tutorial covering all you need to know to use Lifetree (duration: 18 minutes).


Managing Patient Cases

Addresses how to create and manage your patient cases. Covers editing case details, as well as importing and exporting cases (part of the Complete Tutorial - duration: 5 minutes).


The Patient Interview

Presents the entire interview process, taking your patients' case, performing analysis and prescribing remedies (part of the Complete Tutorial - duration: 11 minutes).


Case and Visit History

Includes an overview of how to review your patients' case and visit history (part of the Complete Tutorial - duration: 2 minutes).


New features and extensions that will soon be available

Lifetree has been designed to be easily extended with new features and functionalities without affecting its ease of use. An array of new extensions is already being developed. These will further help you in your work and make your experience with Lifetree even better and easier.

Some of the features and extensions of Lifetree that will soon be available include:

  • Introduction of search by synonyms, first for English and then for all of the repertory languages.
  • Addition of more repertory languages.
  • Option to use the entire set of authors offered by the Complete Repertory.
  • Option to select among sets of preferred authors and, later, your own set of preferred authors.
  • Additional improvements to the search process.
  • Easy search within the Materia Medica text. The passages relevant to your rubric-remedy addition will be instantly located for you.
  • Optional facilities for Boenninghausen repertorization methodology. Easily usable by Kentian practitioners too.
  • Optional facilities for practitioners while interviewing, such as aids to quickly find in the repertory the main symptoms of the patient.
  • Reliable fine tuning of repertory information based on automated statistical analysis of users actions (while strictly respecting the privacy of your data) will offer further enhancement of Lifetree's system effectiveness.


A simple and clear pricing plan

Lifetree is offered free of charge with full functionality for an entire month with each new subscription, so you can become acquainted with its advanced functionalities and user-friendly interface. After the free period, you can continue using Lifetree under three optimal subscription plans to suit your different requirements, depending on how many patient cases you treat per month:

  • Lifetree Unlimited, supporting an unlimited number of cases to work on per month,
  • Lifetree Premium, supporting up to 60 cases to work on per month, and
  • Lifetree Entry, supporting up to 20 cases to work on per month
All 3 subscription plans allow you unlimited use of the Lifetree expert system functions, including analysis and rubric suggestion functionalities, and have no repertory restrictions. You can thus use Lifetree to its full capacity under any plan, with no hidden charges. This will allow you to freely work and experiment with your patients' cases. You can thus benefit from all the advantages that the Lifetree expert system offers, at a minimal flat cost that is clear from the beginning.

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